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The vast majority of the world’s supply of silk is made in Asia.  However, just because neckties are almost always made out of silk, that doesn’t mean we can’t buy made in U.S.A. when shopping for them.  We just have to look a little harder and be tolerant of a little buy American ambiguity.  We can still find very high quality American-made ties that are made from imported silk but sewn by workers right here in the U.S.A.

My favorite American-made ties are produced by Brooks Brothers.  This men’s clothier has been around since 1818 and is America’s oldest clothing chain for men.  Every neck tie manufactured by Brooks Brothers continues to be manufactured in the United States at its tie manufacturing facility in Long Island City, New York. 

Now, Brooks Brothers can be a bit pricey, but I have always been able to find good deals on their products.  For example, pictured above are a couple American-made Brooks Brothers ties I recently purchased in my area.  I got these particular neck ties at Filene’s Basement, a local discount retailer.  I paid less than $20 each for these two, which is less than I typically paid for lesser-quality ties before I got serious about buying American. 

Of course, I would have preferred to buy a tie made in America from American material, buy what can I do?  That is the kind of American-made ambiguity we need to tolerate when trying to buy made in U.S.A.  Sometimes the best you can do is American-made from imported materials, and that’s okay.  The key is to not give up on trying to buy American altogether.

So next time you need a new tie (and yours are looking a little wide), make sure you buy American.

Until next time, here’s to doing what we can to support our country by buying American.


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